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Serious Drama As Angry Lady Kidnaps Ex-Boyfriend At Gunpoint During His Wedding To Another Woman

A woman has kidnapped her ex-boyfriend at gunpoint from his own wedding just moments before he was due to marry another woman.
Ashok Yadav was about to exchange vows with his future wife in the Uttar Pradesh region of India when a car pulled up at the wedding venue and his ex-girlfriend got out with a gun, according to India Today.

Alongside three armed men, she forced the groom into the car before speeding off, it was claimed.

According to local media, Mr Yadav had worked with his ex-girlfriend in a medical clinic in Banda and the pair had agreed to marry.

However, he reportedly started to avoid her after his parents arranged a marriage with another woman in the nearby town of Hamirpur.

Mr Yadav repeatedly refused to see his ex-girlfriend and cut off all ties with her without explanation, local media claims.

Hamirpur police said officers were investigating the incident and a search operation has been launched to locate the pair.

One officer from Maudaha police told Times of India he believed the kidnapping was staged and that the couple had eloped together.

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