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SHOCKING!! 7 Years Old Boy Weds his own mother in a lavish ceremony To Fulfil His Desire

A 7-year-old boy married his mother in a lavish Disney-themed wedding to fulfil his last wish.

Logan Mountcastle was diagnosed with an incurable genetic disorder in December. The 7-year-old was found to be suffering from Leukodystrophy, which affects the brain and nervous system, and was told he has anywhere between 3 and 15 years to live.

The family first noticed something might be wrong when Logan fell over last summer, started walking to one side, and complained his “brain was hurting”. At first, doctors said nothing was wrong, and that he was a normal little boy. But an MRI scan eventually found him to be suffering from incurable Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD).

Logan’s last wish was to have a wedding and his family granted him his wish. Dozens of friends and family turned up to Gainsborough Liberal Club in Lincolnshire to witness Logan get “married” to his mum, Joelean, in a Beauty and the Beast-style event. Guests were reduced to tears as little Logan, dressed as  dashing prince, went down the aisle with Joelean, who said she was “overwhelmed” by the lovely day.

Boy, 7, marries his mother in a lavish ceremony

Instead of reading traditional wedding vows, Joelean made a promise to Logan, telling him she would always keep him safe.

Methodist minister Louise Carr said: “Obviously it is not a wedding really, it’s a family blessing and with promises to look after each other. It was privilege to be involved.”

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