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How I Slept With My Friend’s Girlfriend Today, I’m So Feeling Guilty – Nigeria Guy Confess

This past days I’m always alone in the hood, and if am alone, I always take tramadol to put me on a slow mode. So today i took 500mg of tramado1, and i decided to relax on my bed and be listening to music.

All of a sudden my friend girlfriend left their house and came to mine, that she’s bored she wants to be with me, so i welcome her inside, she was wearing a jean gown and just panties, I left to take my bath, as i was coming inside i saw her wearing my headset and dancing, she was shocked to see me.

I dried my body and jump on top my bed cause i was feeling the reaction of the tramado1, she came close to me on the bed and we started to gist, she was very raw with me, everything about her disscusion is about s1x.

I began to sweat because of the drugs she started to fan me with a hand fan, she began to stare at me, she didn’t know i was poisonous, she started to touch me, I wanted to control myself but the body was really weak, thats how we Bleep for about a hour, before i c3m, I send her out immediately, because i started feeling guilty.

I don’t really know what to do right now. please i need advice.

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