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“Cease Taking Bread And Tea”

"Stop Taking Bread And Tea"


Well-liked social media Nigeria physician, Dr Olufunmilayo on twitter has suggested pregnant girls to cease taking bread and tea.

In his publish on the platform, the medical physician gave completely different motive why girls which can be pregnant ought to keep method from the meal, which occurs to be a delight for many Nigerians.

One of many causes he said is that taking an excessive amount of bread, tea & Espresso prevents a pregnant girl’s physique from absorbing Iron.

The Tweet Reads;

 “In case you are pregnant Taking a number of bread and tea could also be dangerous for you An excessive amount of bread and tea collectively makes it onerous in your physique to soak up iron. Iron deficiency in being pregnant could cause: •Tiny child •Untimely supply •Child lifeless earlier than/after supply. RT pls. Save a life”

 “Being pregnant by itself causes low blood ranges for a lot of girls. A few of these girls are positioned on iron tablets to spice up their blood ranges. Now tea/espresso are identified to make it tough for the physique to soak up iron.

And when taken with one thing like bread; the affect is worse. The recommendation is normally in case you can: •Minimize down on an excessive amount of bread and tea collectively particularly if pregnant and you’ve got low iron or you might be on iron tablets. •In the event you will need to have tea/espresso/bread, give your self some hours earlier than/after taking iron tablets. I hope this helps. Thanks.”

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'Stop taking bread and tea'

'Stop taking bread and tea' -

'Stop taking bread and tea'


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