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The Story Of Lady Who Was Infected With HIV By A Guy Who Eventually Dumped Her Is Touching

Twitter famous OAP, @DamiElebe took to her Twitter page to share a heartbreaking story about an old friend of hers who did all sorts in the name of love and eventually came out badly broken.

The detailed story highlights the woman’s wild ways prior to her meeting this man who effortlessly stole her heart and had her dump her somewhat promiscuous lifestyle for a more committed one.

Unfortunately for her, she chose the wrong man to change her ways for and had to deal with series of unfaithfulness, baby mama drama, and eventually an unwanted pregnancy.

Read the story below:

‘Okay let me share a true story about love, what it is and what it’s not.
A friend from Uni days. Fine babe. Petite with a nice bod. Talented singer. Our own little ‘Tiwa Savage’. Voice Amazing!
Never met a girl with so many ‘boyfriends’ in my life. Different guys for different purposes: Driver, Food, Romance, Sex, Shopping… Like seriously?
Got us girls feeling like we were trash ‘cos she had all the boys in her pocket. Like she was jazzing’ up or something. It was even a theory sef. (no beef tho)
Babe hit age 22 and switched up. Dumped multiple ‘baes’ and settled for just one guy in the name of ‘Love’. Good thing, right?
Not even up to a month and bobo starts to act up. Suddenly, he’s got another girl he’s now steady with. Got my friend crying like every single day.
Frequent fights. Break-ups and make-ups. Like TF! Very annoying ‘cos we kept telling her to let it go but she was too “in love”. SMH.
Valentine’s Day came. No cakes, no food, no gifts. NOTHING. Babe didn’t let us rest. Nagging all over the place. She swore she’d leave him.
He didn’t show at the house till 11 PM. Then, later that same night, they make up! Again! lol
We were getting tired of her drama. Like “Stop complaining to us ma. We’re not listening again” Haba! Abeg, e don do!
Anyways, she was lost in the sauce for a while… Until the bombshell discovery! That dude’s got another girl pregnant!
She found photos and messages on his phone. Heartbroken, she cried and cried… almost suicidal.
We had to keep all the drugs and knives away from her. No jokes. T’was like a horror movie fam. Scary stuff.
It was bad. She stopped taking care of herself, having fun or going out at some point. But we tried to be there for her, so things don’t get worse.

One of us summoned courage to call Loverboy and tell him off. Even deleted his num from her phone, but of course our friend had it memorized. SMH
Later, she got better.
He resurfaced, begged her, promising that the ‘baby situation’ won’t change his feelings for her! So, she took him back again!!!
At this point, we had to call for intervention, so we told her big sis in Abj. That one had no idea what’s been going on. Big Sis called the boy and warned him off.
Still, she stubbornly stayed with him till final year on campus, even though he kept messing around and playing her. Is this what ‘LOVE’ is?
Anyways, during final exams, she fainted in the library and had to be rushed to the clinic. Turned out she was pregnant… And HIV positive!
It was a mega scandal. News quickly travelled on campus and EVERYONE knew the boy was the one responsible.
Finally her momsy, who believes the boy jazzed her, came and took her to a herbalist (according to gist) and that was the last we saw of her till we graduated.
The gist is that after dropping out, she left Naija in shame, and now lives in Canada, and that the baby is being cared for by her Mother.
Anyhows, I saw dude (yeah, same one) at the cinemas last week chilling with his pretty wife and 2 kids! He looked rich! And happy too!
To think this guy messed up our friend’s life and few years after, he’s living ‘happily ever after’? Life is funny sha.’

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