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Ten Ways to Get A Lady To Say Yes To Your Proposal

Ten Ways to Get A Lady To Say Yes To Your Proposal

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It is one thing to find that person you love and it is another thing to make that person say YES to your marriage proposal.


It is the dream of every woman to hear this question from her man, will you marry me? Love is a strong word, feelings that brings two persons together to become one.


Finding the perfect marriage proposal idea might be hard for some lovers especially when making plans to spent the rest of your life with the person you love.


Below are proposal tips that can make you end up with your dream lover:


1. Propose by hiding the ring inside of a box of her favorite snacks.


2. Propose by telling her it is over between the two of you.


3. Propose by hiring a skywriter to write Will You Marry Me in the sky.


4. Propose by attaching the engagement ring to your dog’s collar and letting him bring it to her.


5. Propose by putting her ring in the bottom of her champagne glass at a restaurant.


6. Propose by writing the message in Christmas lights.


7. Propose by inviting her with another lady for a date.


8. Propose by paying her a surprise visit to her office.


9. Propose by arranging with the police to arrest you for a crime.


10. Propose by having your child (or younger sibling or cousin) ask the question for you.


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