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Top 5 Most industrialized states in Nigeria

Most industrialized states in Nigeria are known for generating massive internal income. Such states are less dependent on the Federal Government for survival.


They are among the most developed states in the country and they contribute a great deal in boosting the economy of the country. Nigeria is clearly one of the most industrialized countries in Africa and industrialization is ever present is many state budgets and the importance of industrialization can not be over emphasized.

In addition to internally generated income, industrialization is highly effective in job creation and poverty reduction. In this post, we shall highlight the top 5 most industrialized states in Nigeria.

No 1: Lagos State

Lagos is otherwise known as the centre of excellence. Lagos accounts for over 60% of the industrial and commercial activities in Nigeria. Virtually all the National and multinational companies have their Headquarters in Lagos. Lagos state is very influential in Nigerian politics as it has the highest population and the highest internally generated revenue. In politics Nigeria, Lagos is regarded as a “No man’s land” due to the migration of people from diverse ethnic groups to Lagos. Pollution and traffic congestion are common occurences in Lagos. Indeed, Lagos tops the list of the most industrialized states in Nigeria.

No 2: Ogun State

Ogun state is otherwise known as the Gateway State because of its strategic position as a linkage to many other states in the southwest region. Ogun state has received a massive boost in commercial activities and industrialization due to the decongestion and expansion of Lagos. Many people and industries have now shifted their base to Ogun state. Ogun state is 2nd on the list of the most industrialized states in Nigeria.

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No 3: Rivers State

Rivers state is the treasure base of Nigeria. Two major Oil refineries are sited in Rivers state. Various industrial estates are spread across the city of Port Harcourt and other major cities.

No 4: Abia State

Abia State is not an oil producing state, but this has been augmented by the creative and industrious nature of the inhabitants. Aba is the industrial and commercial centre in the Southeast. Cottage and small scale industrial layouts are widely spread across the city of Aba and they contribute to about 5% of the countries GDP.

No 5: Kano State

Kano is the commercial hub of Northern Nigeria. It houses majority of the small and large scale industrial layouts in Northern Nigeria. The large population in Kano is very supportive for commercial activities. Kano is the ho!e of many cottage Agricultural, textile, mining industries, etc.


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