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Two Hungry Snakes Tear A Frog To Items And Eat It Alive (Images)

Two Hungry Snakes Tear A Frog To Pieces And Eat It Alive (Photos)

The frog was eaten alive by the snakes

The frog was eaten alive by the snakes


Slightly frog has been eaten alive after it was cornered by two hungry grass snakes.


The second was captured on digital camera.


Based on Dailymail, the image, which was captured by novice photographer Steve Younger, 55, at Oare Marshes close to Faversham, Kent, confirmed the amphibian attempt to escape the ravenous serpents as they caught maintain of his hind legs and fought over him.


Regardless of frantic makes an attempt to struggle them off and hop away, the frog was finally eaten by the hungry serpents. The grass snake is commonly inexperienced and yellow in color and is especially keen on wetland habitats.


The reptiles, which have a median life span of 15-20 years, sometimes hunt amphibians, fish, small mammals and birds. Feminine snakes will lay between 10 to 40 eggs in rotting vegetation.


When beneath menace, the grass snake will usually ‘play lifeless’ and beneath some situations hiss and launch a foul-smelling substance. Grass snakes usually dwell in England and Wales, however are absent from Scotland, Northern Eire and the Isles of Scilly.



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