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Villagers Left In Awe After Spotting Elephants Roaming Inside A Bush In Ogun (Video)

Villagers Left In Awe After Spotting Elephants Roaming Inside A Bush In Ogun (Video)

There was pandemonium in Ijebu waterside area of Ogun state as a herd of elephants chased villagers who thronged the forest to catch a glimpse of the animal.

A video posted on the Instagram page of “gossipmillnaija” showed the villagers catching a glimpse of the elephants and filming them.


The fun however, turned sour when the elephants in turn started to pursue the youths who were filming their movement.

However, Nigerian Conservative Foundation (NCF) has warned people to restrain from provoking wildlife animals, so as to avoid human-wildlife conflicts.

The organisation wrote:

The trending video of two (2) elephants sighted at a farmland near Itasin village in Ogun Waterside, Ogun State is worrisome and frightening.

NCF wishes to appeal to the general public on the pressing need for restraint whenever they come across wild animals in their environment, to minimize Human-Wildlife Conflicts (HWC), which is on the rise.

The rise in HWC can be attributed to the wanton degradation of habitats, deforestation and other unsustainable practices that threaten these wild creatures in their natural habitats across their ranges.

We, therefore, enjoin the people residing in, and around Ogun Waterside to exercise restraint and extreme caution whenever they encounter any elephant in their neighbourhood.

Until the elephants return to their natural home in Omo Forest Reserve, our Technical Team will intensify sensitization and awareness campaigns in these areas, to minimize HWC.


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