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Woman about to give birth to her brother-in-law’s baby and her husband doesn’t care

A mum-of-three has revealed how she is about to give birth to her brother-in-law’s baby – but her husband doesn’t mind in the slightest.

Rachel Wilcox offered to carry a child for her husband’s sister when an aggressive bout of cancer left her infertile.

The 31-year-old was pregnant with her third child when her husband’s sister, Amanda Patterson, 33, discovered she had stage three colon cancer .

Diagnosed in October 2014, after symptoms including extreme stomach pains, dental receptionist Amanda, of Franklin, Tennessee, USA, had surgery to remove the tumour and her thyroid, where the cancer had spread – also having chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Then in October, soon after Amanda met her husband-to-be, Reid, her sister-in-law asked the doctor if she would still be able to have children.

“I was still trying to come to terms with everything when Rachel asked the doctor if I could have children, and he just looked at us and said ‘no’,” Amanda recalled.

“I was devastated, especially as Reid and I had only been together a matter of weeks.

“I told him if he wanted out, then he could leave me, as not being able to have kids can be a deal-breaker.

“But he said he loved me and wanted to stay together.”

At the time, Rachel – mum to Adia, six, Isla, five, and Ike, two – was pregnant for the third time.

She said:

“I was telling my doctor about Amanda’s situation, during a pregnancy check-up, and she said ‘well you could become a surrogate’.

“I just laughed. I’d already told everyone my third baby was going to be my last pregnancy.”

But the doctor’s suggestion stayed with Rachel, who had been close to Amanda for years, after marrying her brother, IT consultant Micah, 31, in June, 2007 – having dated him since high school.

“Me and Amanda had been close for so many years,” she explained.

“I’d dated her brother since high school, so we grew up together and were more like best friends than sisters-in-law.”

Rachel, of Walton, Kentucky, USA, was by her side when Amanda was diagnosed with cancer and supported her throughout her treatment.

She also provided a listening ear when Amanda and Reid, who married in November 2015, searched for alternative ways to have a family.

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