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How Yahoo boy use his mother for money ritual

A yahoo boy was caught after using his own mother for money ritual.

This is a serious matter, has the yahoo boy use his own biological mother do money ritual just because he wants to have money.

This incident was happened in somewhere around Ghana.

The police arrest the boy on Wednesday night.

After police interrogate him , the yahoo boy confessed and said: The reason he used his own biological mother for money ritual, is that, his mother don’t take care of him since his father died in 2006.

Yahoo boy use his mother for money ritual

The 21-year old boy said: His mother abandoned him for another man, he said he was 9year of age, when his mother abandoned him to marry another man who don’t care for him.

The yahoo boy said: I sponsored myself from secondary school.

I sold sachet and bottled water along the road to make a living.

I only enjoy the money for just 2year, he said.

Yahoo boy use his mother for money ritual

It was not my intentional to use my mother do money ritual, but a friend of mine tell me to do so, that my mother will not die.

He told me that she will be fine.

When the police ask him, where his friend his?

The report said,

The boy was about to say something, when he started vomiting blood from his mouth and his ears was full of blood.

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