“You do what you do out of love, admiration but there’s a limit” Pere Egbi call out BBNaija shippers, slam colleagues who listen to fans


BBNaija star, Pere Egbi has addressed BBNaija shippers in a recent post.

Taking to his Instagram page, the reality star expressed concern about shippers who take their shipping too seriously and become delusional or disrespectful.

Pere Egbi reminded the “shippers” that it is okay to have imagination and express their desire to see their ship together, but they should not let their imaginations get out of control.

He wrote:

“And to some of you “shippers”, you do what you do out of love and care and maybe admiration. But realize this; there’s a limit. Admire, ship what you want and who you want but resist the urge to become delusional or display the COMPLETE DISTASTEFULNESS of ignorance.”

To BBNaija critics, he wrote;

“Also, some of you jokers and jobless nut heads who think it’s cool to speak vile things, conjur vile things and/or drag other housemates over your disgusting, twisted and one track minded opinions, it’s simply a display of foolishness. Your dragging reflects and mirrors you. Not them.”

Pere also expressed his frustration with his colleagues’ susceptibility to social media influence and their lack of independent thinking.

He slammed them for allowing their opinions to be shaped by others.

The general believes that their colleagues need to develop more courage and conviction in order to form their own opinions and live their lives authentically.

He wrote:

“And to some of my colleagues, this is directed straight at you;


Some of you are so gullible it’s pathetically unbelievable. You let your fans pilot you with their stupid analysis and like a weightless kite they direct you toward hate or disdain for a fellow housemate. You allow yourselves to be immersed in the rubbish and letting social media affect how you relate with others and dictate how you live your lives. It’s something called balls that some of you need to grow and it’s something called standing for something you believe in that some of you need to learn to do.”

See below:

"You do what you do out of love, admiration but there’s a limit" Pere Egbi call out BBNaija shippers, slam colleagues who listen to fans

"You do what you do out of love, admiration but there’s a limit" Pere Egbi call out BBNaija shippers, slam colleagues who listen to fans

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